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Ashtanga 1. series (pdf)
Mimi Ananda Devi best student
Regular classes from Thursday Nov 6th to Sunday Nov 9th are canceled due to workshop with David Swenson. All payments will be postponed for 4 days ahead.
Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Welcome, Namaste!
in tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois i Sri R. Sharat Jois  

The Sanskrit word "Ashtanga" literally means "Eight Limbs" which, in accordance with Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, corresponds to eight different practices created to control the mind and purify the inner self: YAMA (moral codes), NIYAMA (self purification and study), ASANA (posture), PRANAYAMA (breath control), PRATHYARA (withdrawing of the mind from the senses), DHARANA (concentration), DYANA (deep meditation) and SAMADHI (union with the object of meditation).

Initially the focus of the Ashtanga practice is the daily practice of Asanas or yoga postures, so that the body and sensory organs become flexible, which is a prerequisite for the stability of the mind. Ashtanga yoga techniques are grouped in six different series, each of which should have been skillfully mastered in the correct order before we proceed on mastering the next series.

The emphasis is on vinyasa, specific breathing/movement system that generates the heat, causing internal purification and improving circulation. In addition we combine the positions (Asanas) with contractions (Bandhas), Breathing (Ujjayi) and gazing points (Dristi).

(Based on an interview with Shri Sharath Rangaswamy and Sarasvathi Rangaswamy, 2008. when Vairagya Ranko first visited Mysore)

"Practice, practice and all is coming", Shri K. Pattabhi Jois
"All you really need is your awareness", Swami Sivamurti Saraswati

Thursday Nov 6th

20.00h - Led class - Primary Series
21.30h - Eight limbs and daily life
at OŠ Dragan Kovačević*

Friday Nov 7th

10.00h - Mysore class
at Ashtanga shala*

20.00h - Second Series Guided Tour
21.30h - Breath, bandhas and pranayama
at OŠ Dragan Kovačević*

Saturday Nov 8th

10.00h - Mysore class
at Ashtanga shala*

20.00h - Second Series Guided Tour
21.30h - Flying, floating and handstanding
at OŠ Dragan Kovačević*

Sunday Nov 9th

10.00h - Mysore class
13.00h - Inversions and Backbends
at OŠ Dragan Kovačević*


at Ashtanga shala*
Ashtanga Yoga Shala Belgrade
Dečanska 11, Belgrade
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at Dragan Kovačević*
OŠ Dragan Kovačević
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9 or 10 classes - 200€
8 or 7 classes - 160€
6 or 5 classes - 120€
4 or 3 classes - 100€
single morning class 25€
single evening class 30€

Payment should be made in advance in one of following ways:

- in CASH
- payment to account by instructions given here

Recomended accomodation very close to shala






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Ashtanga yoga shala Beograd
Dečanska 11, I floor
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Mysore classes:
Monday   6.30h - 9.30h
17.00h - 20.30h
Tuesday   17.00h - 20.30h
Wednesday   6.30h - 9.30h
17.00h - 20.30h
Thursday   17.00h - 20.30h
Friday   6.30h - 9.30h
17.00h - 20.30h
17.00h - 18.30h led class
Saturday   9.00h - 11.30h
17.00h - 19.30h
Led class
Sunday   09.00h
Private Ashtanga classes
If you are interested in individual classes or classes for "closed group", feel free to contact us and we will find proper time and location for you (either at our yoga shala or at your place)
Drop-in class - 10€
Prices (per month)

4 classes - 20€

8 classes - 30€

9 and more classes - 40€

Discount for beginners
first 3 months
12 classes - 30€



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